"I... I don't know exactly how to put this, sir, but are you aware of what a serious breach of security that would be? I mean, he'll see everything, he'll... he'll see the Big Board!"

-Gen. Buck Turgidson

Around the Bend
Players: 2 to 4.
Age: Old enough to do crossword puzzles.
Mood: Mind-bending.
Theme: Words.
Play: Word-formation, frame shifting.
Luck: Some.
Folks say: "I just played that and I have no idea what it says."
Fragility: Unbroken but some plays are tedious.

Hue and Cry
Players: 4 or 6.
Age: Old enough to read three-digit numbers.
Mood: Silly, argumentative.
Theme: Colors.
Play: Describing colors.
Luck: None.
Folks say: "You call that peach? Are you out of your mind?."
Fragility: Cheating is easy, and generally breaks after ~10 plays.
Cost:$10 (A basically identical game, Hues and Cues, is available from Op Games Their version costs $25.99, but the production quality is better.)

Players: 4 to 6.
Age: Old enough to handle sudden but inevitable betrayal.
Mood: Conversational.
Theme: Fantasy novels / world domination.
Play: Diplomacy, haggling, backstabbing, strategy.
Luck: Some.
Folks say: "In the game of thrones, you win or you die." (Folks say this, I would point out, to folks' husbands.)
Fragility: Unbroken but prone to meta-gaming the win.
Cost:$20 (Might take awhile)

Players: 2 to 5.
Age: Old enough to do arithmetic. A 9-year old once destroyed me at this game, I'm not gonna lie.
Mood: Intense, focused, sometimes mentally overwhelming. Potentially obsessive. This is by far the game that I recieve that the most weird communication about.
Theme: Abstract.
Play: Bluffing, pattern recognition, hiding in plain sight.
Luck: None.
Folks say: "This is a horrible, horrible game, I hate you for making it, let's play again."
Fragility: Broken, but not in a way most people notice.

Toxic Gnome Players: 2 to 5.
Age: Old enough to spell.
Mood: Focused, quiet.
Theme: Linguistic.
Play: Vocabulary, pattern recognition, planning.
Luck: Hits everyone the same.
Folks say: "It's like Boggle meets Tetris."
Fragility: Unbroken.
Cost:$16 (Might take awhile)

Petri Dish
Players: 2 to 3.
Age: Old enough to drink from a grown-up cup.
Theme: Microbiology.
Mood: Fast-paced, silly.
Play: Spatial strategy, rapid reversals.
Luck: None.
Folks say: "Boom!"
Fragility: Totally broken, but not for its target audience of very young kids.
Cost:$20 ((Might take awhile)

Players: 2 to many.
Age: Old enough to overuse the word "technically".
Mood: Silly, geeky.
Theme: Conspiracy / espionage / world domination.
Play: Card collecting, deck optimization, strategy.
Luck: Some.
Folks say: "This changes everything."
Fragility: Unbroken without trying really hard, but QANON makes it feel kind of icky.

Players: 2 to 4.
Age: Old enough to not knock over a block tower.
Mood: Intense, focused.
Theme: Abstract.
Play: Pattern recognition, planning.
Luck: Hits everyone the same.
Folks say: "So I used to go to these underground raves at ____ and I'd bring Pathology and I always wound up playing it with naked people on Ecstasy."
Fragility: Broken in stalemate scenarios with house rules to fix them.
Cost:$10 ((Might take awhile)

Coming Soon

Venndetta Players: 2 to many.
Age: Old enough to completely BS a school assignment.
Mood: Argumentative, silly.
Theme: Absurdist logic.
Play: Persuasion.
Luck: Some.
Folks say: "Every time I walk by those people playing your game, they are like in the middle of some heated argument about whether or not a walrus can have religious beliefs. I don't know, man."
Fragility: Too silly to break.


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